We are happy to announce that Alignment Chiropractic has Partnered with TriWest/Empower Chiro to provide chiropractic services to our nations veterans. We are honored and humbled to administer the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3) program and the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) to provide quality and timely health care to our nation's Veterans. Tens-of-thousands of VA employees deliver care to nearly six million Veterans through VA's network. of 154 Medical Centers; 800 Community-Based Outpatient Clinics; 126 Nursing Homes; and 35 Domiciliary facilities. Yet, despite the reach of this vast network, there are times when VA turns to community providers and asks them to serve too. There are two programs to meet these needs. This is where our partnership with TriWest comes in.

The Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care Program (PC3)

With PC3 the VA can call on TriWest to help coordinate Veteran care from Alignment Chiropractic. Alignment Chiropractic has meet VA-required quality standards to ensure that Veterans always receive the highest quality care. Additionally, we make certain that Veterans' VA medical records remain up to date by returning information about the care and treatment they received to VA.Veterans are eligible for this program if they have been informed by their local VA medical facility or if they've received a call or a letter from TriWest.

The Veterans Choice Program (VCP)

The establishment of the VCP allows Veterans to seek care outside of VA if they face wait times longer than 30 days or in situations where a VA medical facility is not easily accessible from their home.

VA issued a Choice Card to every Veteran enrolled for care with VA to obtain health care in their community they are eligible for VCP. The VCP supplements other treatment options already available and is designed to improve wait times and access to health care. It does not impact existing VA health care or any other VA benefit – it just offers other options for care when VA can't meet Veteran needs in a timely or convenient manner.

What are my Next Steps?

  1. See attached “Appointment Scheduling Process” for more information on how to set up your visit.
  2. Mention to your PSR that you would like to receive chiropractic care at “ALIGNMENT CHIROPRACTIC, LLC- Dr. Thomas A Taylor III”
  3. Once we receive the referall, your PSR will coordinate with our office to schedule your appointment, that simple!

  We look forward to serving those who have served us!


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