Neck Pain From Auto Accidents

Summerville Chiropractor Relieves Neck Pain From Auto Accidents

Atlanta chiropractor Relieves Neck Pain From Auto Accidents

Perhaps you've witnessed countless movie scenes that show an auto accident survivor clutching his neck in pain -- but this cliche has a strong basis in truth. Neck pain is an all-too-common consequence of auto accidents, which isn't surprising when you consider the forces transferred to this relatively unprotected part of the spinal column. Fortunately, neck pain from auto accidents is also highly treatable without surgery or drugs, thanks to the advanced natural techniques we offer at Alignment Chiropractic.

How an Auto Accident Hurts Your Neck

Auto accidents cause up to 40 percent of all spinal injuries -- and the neck is at special risk. This structure is a relatively narrow column that supports the full weight of your head. If your vehicle is suddenly stopped as in an impact, the head may go flying backward and forward, subjecting the neck to a sharp "whipping" motion. The resulting injuries are collectively known as whiplash. Whiplash neck injuries sustained in an auto accident may include subluxation (mild but significant dislocation) of the cervical vertebrae, herniated cervical discs, strained neck muscles and tendons, and/or sprained neck ligaments. Damaged soft tissues may cause agonizing pain and stiffness, while the vertebral misalignment and disc herniation may interfere with joint motion and pinch nerves.

It's worth noting that neck pain from auto accidents doesn't actually have to originate in the neck. If your auto accident jolts or twists your upper back or damages your shoulder, pinched nerves in these areas may be referred to your neck. You might not even suffer any neck pain at all until days or weeks after the accident. In a way, this is even worse than immediate pain if you don't seek out the evaluation and treatment you need immediately.

Summerville Chiropractic Care and Natural Solutions

Specific, targeted chiropractic care from our practitioner, Dr. Thomas A. Taylor, can help you get over neck pain from an auto accident safely, effectively, and without drugs or surgery. X-rays and other detailed evaluations enable us to pinpoint a cervical misalignment, herniated disc or other musculoskeletal damage. Careful, precise chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spinal column can help reposition vertebrae, joints and discs, improving your range of motion and relieving nerve pain. If your neck pain originates further down the spine, we can adjust those areas to stop the pain messages at the source.

Soft tissue therapies are also helpful for auto accident neck pain. Massage therapy loosens and relaxes painful muscle spasms while enhancing blood flow and relieving inflammation. Therapeutic exercises can then help you regain the flexibility and strength in these tissues.

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