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Doctor of the Future

We believe that we Chiropractors are one of the Doctors of the Future! 

But most people have little understanding of the value for what we do.  

So I want to continue helping you show and tell your community exactly why you are a Doctor of the Future and why they need to stay plugged into your office and care! (with the evidence to back it up)

Our current system does not deliver health. It was never intended to deliver health and that’s a problem. 

And then Chiropractors like us start talking about things like 

real health, function, and adaptation…and people call us quacks! 

Well listen to what the CEO of Aetna Insurance Company says about the current system: 

“It’s a warranty system. So it’s like going to an auto dealership and saying, ‘I want a warranty, not a car.’ That would be a crazy purchase, right? But, yet, what we say to people when they buy health insurance, ‘Here’s your warranty card. When you get broken, we’ll fix you.’”

“[It] doesn’t say anything about their quality of life. [It] doesn’t say anything about the quality of their health. All it says is when we’re broken we’ll fix you, so what we have is a break-fix operation called the health care delivery system that fixes broken people, and by then it’s too late.”

Watch The Video Here


He went on to explain that one of the greatest challenges with a system like this

is that people have NO HOPE when it comes to them and their family’s health. 

Use this info and article. Your patients may not fully buy into your perspective when you talk about the failing health paradigm and system, but this CEO will help you communicate it! 

HOPE is at an all-time low!  But we are HOPE GIVERS

Not because we are great, nor because our adjustments are so great. 

We give HOPE because we put their trust back in the 

body’s innate intelligence that created them from two cells! 

Chiropractors play a vital role in health care because we give 

HOPE by reminding them about their amazing ability to heal…

And the spine’s relationship with the BrainCNS function, and 

therefore whole body Autonomic Function. That is undeniable! 

We don’t heal, we remove interference.There’s a big difference. 

Article contributed by Thomas A Taylor D.C. and sourced from Dan Sullivan, DC

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