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FDA recommends Chiropractic!!!

Hey Guys,

Many drugs are making it worse! Our culture is getting sicker 

and experiencing more pain and chronic disease than ever before. 

You know it must be bad when the actual Federal Drug Administration (FDA)

recommends that MDs look into chiropractic and other options for pain. 

I know I know…Chiropractic is not just about pain! 

In fact, I present about this almost every week somewhere in 

the country or around the world to Chiropractors. 

The benefits of what we do go well beyond that of just pain relief

But did you know that in May of this year(2017), the FDA recommended that MDs 

and other healthcare professionals look at Chiropractic as an option for their patients. 


They are obviously recognizing the limits and dangers of the drugs. 

Check out the report in this article: 


I think it’s also important to know that the evidence is on our side. 

In case you and your practice members or local medical colleagues had any doubt in 

the research about our ability to help people with back issues better than drugs

check out the 2013 Spine Journal Study pitting chiropractic up against a strong medication and even placebo. 

The conclusion of the study was:  “Spinal adjustive care was significantly better than nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac and clinically superior to placebo.” (see reference below)

Though we do so much more through the adjustment than relieve pain, musculoskeletal pain is a major reason why so many lives are being lost right now. And why so many seek or begin chiropractic care...if they know. Most don't know and end up on drugs...

They get in pain, go to an MD, get put on a medication, eventually 

need a stronger medication, and end up addicted to Opioids. 

Every 25 minutes in the U.S. a baby is born addicted to Opioids

All because their mother was addicted. It’s unbelievably sad!

And we can do something about it! 

You are supported with plenty of evidence

And I'm here to help you see it and do something about it! 

Know the facts. Understand how important you are to all of the lives in your community. 

Stand tall, communicate the truth, and deliver the goods!

God Bless, 

Dr. Taylor.


The Chiropractic Advocate-Dr. Dan Sullivan

Von Heymann WJ, Schloemer P, Timm J, Muehlbauer B. Spinal high-velocity low amplitude manipulation in acute nonspecific low back pain: a double-blinded randomized controlled trial in comparison with diclofenac and placebo. Spine Journal. 2013 Apr 1;38(7):540-8.

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