Backpack Safety Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

As children go back to school, it is important to remind them how to properly wear a backpack. Heavy backpacks can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain and cause posture problems. At Alignment Chiropractic, serving North Charleston, Goose Creek, and Summerville, SC, our children’s chiropractor provides ways to prevent and alleviate pain from backpacks. Here are some tips on how children can avoid back pain.

Personalize the Fit

Big backpacks are not always a good idea. The larger a backpack is, the more likely it is that your child will carry heavier items. Each body is different, so any bag should reflect this. Adjust your child’s backpack so it never hangs more than 3 inches below the waist. Our professionals recommend buying a backpack in person so your child can try it on before buying.

Ensure Its Support

Straps are key in providing comfort and safety. Shoulder straps need to be wide and well-padded. This will distribute any weight evenly across the back. Tighten these straps enough to carry the load snuggly against your child’s back. Most importantly, always use both straps.

Check the Weight

As a general rule, backpacks should not exceed 10 percent of a student’s body weight. Anything heavier will result in increased strain from bending forward. Individualized compartments help shift weight more effectively. Children should also only pack items that are essential. Leave unnecessary books at home or school.

Look for Signs

Be aware. Parents should take notice if a child is struggling to lift a bag. Numbness, tingling, or other discomforts may be symptoms of larger issues. Consult with our children's chiropractor about these problems.

Visit Our Children’s Chiropractor for Backpack Pain Relief

If your child is in pain from carrying a heavy backpack, we can help. At Alignment Chiropractic, serving North Charleston, Goose Creek, and Summerville, SC, our team provides chiropractic care to alleviate back and neck pain. At our black-owned business, we also provide tips on how to avoid pain from backpacks. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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