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Payment Options


We accept most insurance. When it comes to Insurance and Wellness Plans we offer flexible payment plans allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family. Our staff will verify and explain your benefits to you so you can select the best option. Whatever your needs are, we’ll work with you. We stand by our work. Nothing is more important to us and the community than helping you attain better health.

Option 1. Insurance, Medicare and FLEX plans

We accept Flex and Health Saving plans (FSA, HSA), Blue Cross, Medicare, Kaiser, PPOs, auto accident, and personal injury. We fill out the required information for you and bill it.

Option 2. Join Chiropractic Lifecare of America (CLA)

Each year, most insurance plans have higher deductibles and co-pays. CLA may offer a better option for you and your family to receive chiropractic care with no deductibles and no visits limits. CLA is a Discount Medical Plan Organization, reducing our service fees up to 50% which may provide you better coverage at a lower cost. You may also pay for these services with your Flex or HSA card. Of course, CLA cannot be used for auto accident, worker compensation and other injuries which may require extensive reports for insurance and/or legal documentation (option 1 is the only choice in such case).

Here’s how it works: A Chiropractic Lifecare of America membership will save you and your family members:

-50% off initial exams, consultations and diagnostics

-50% off the cost of in-house x-rays 

-$40 per visit/adjustment

At only $49.95 a year, your Chiropractic Lifecare of America membership more than pays for itself on the very first visit. For complete information, visit

Option 3: Join our “Practice Member Program”

Regardless of insurance “sickness care” coverage and limitations, we are dedicated to establishing a trusted healthcare relationship with each patient. This program includes better options for regular chiropractic, maintenance and wellness care. Just ask and we will explain the program.

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